Hillary McCoy

Hillary has always loved to explore the world. From an early age, she scoured the travel sections of her mom’s Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, and planned terrific trips around replete with hot restaurant reservations. She has continued her love of detailed itinerary planning and still derives great joy from finding the best new spots to eat, shop and learn wherever she goes.

Hillary received her diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust in the UK. She frequently explores the vineyards of Europe and the US, visiting growers and producers, enjoying great cuisine, and discovering picturesque accommodations. 

Hillary’s four young children often accompany her on her travels: consequently, she’s particularly attuned to the needs and whims of busy families. Recognizing that a fussy toddler is just as tricky at home as in the Alps, she loves helping other parents discover the delights of seeing the world with a stroller. She also empathizes with the need to escape the demands of daily life, and enjoys planning relaxing getaways.

Hillary’s B.A. in history and politics from Washington and Lee University gave her the chance to study abroad in both London and Florence. She spent a year working in London upon graduation, before attending the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia. No matter where you want to travel, Hillary would love to help.