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About Currie & Co.

Currie & Co. Travels Unlimited is a highly specialized, boutique travel consultancy with emphasis on exotic, adventure, & luxury travel- authentic experiences that change lives.

Our mission is to bring an educated, insider’s approach to your travel.  Founded in 2009, our company is not listed or advertised; we work closely with loyal clients, their friends, and referrals, mustering our close personal and professional relationships around the globe as the basis for creating phenomenal experiences.  Currie & Co. marshals our resources in pursuit of the extraordinary and the exotic; the ultimate goal is that we all travel more intelligently. 

We believe in giving our clientele the extras that separate authentic travel from tourism.



Our Company has a committed vision to create enhanced experiences for curious, discerning travelers.


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

Mark Twain


Our Promise to Clients:

Advise you as a team, pooling knowledge, creativity, and skills

Emphasize qualified information

Pay attention to details

Approach your travel as if it were our own

Through our expertise, we will listen to your preferences and upgrade your rooms, tell you how to skip lines, maximize airline miles, and choose destinations where currencies create the best values.  Once we know you, we can design all of your travel, or when applicable, consult with you so that you are better able to plan trips yourself.  Our service fees are worth their weight in gold and usually save you money.  We know many of our suppliers personally and can ask them to go the extra mile for us.

All photos taken by the members of the Currie & Co. Team