Alice Gage

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, both Alice and her sister were early and inveterate travelers with their parents, and their experiences and enthusiasm led both girls into travel in the 1970s. Alice had 3 daughters in 3 years and spent their childhoods enjoying garden club, Colonial Dames, and mothering. Travel was a constant– trips to South America, the Panama Canal, Budapest, Kenya, and Austria provided them with welcome escapes and memories. 

With her children grown, Alice decided to reenter the working world as a travel advisor; she joined her cousin Betty Jo Currie in 2008. Since then she has roamed extensively throughout Europe and particularly enjoys her time spent in London and much of Italy. Her knowledge of 5 star cruises outshines anyone on the Currie team, and she is a specialist at this "unpack ONCE" form of travel that can lead one to any part of the world.