Sarah Attaway, a Los Angeles resident by way of Arizona, South Carolina, and Georgia has her parents to thank for her passion for travel – her first memories of going away are of family vacations to Sea Island, Jackson Hole, Rome, and Interlocken.


At a young age, you couldn’t convince Sarah to swim too far into the ocean or to eat anything other than chicken fingers and spaghetti. Today, in part thanks to traveling, Sarah is a certified scuba diver and will try just about any food once. Traveling and teaching English abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam, contributed to much of Sarah’s zest for life. She has personally felt the change and growth that travel can bring to a person’s life.


Sarah traveled extensively through Southeast Asia during her time living in Vietnam and has enjoyed exploring various European destinations while studying in Barcelona and when traveling with her family. Since joining the industry, Sarah has broadened her area of expertise and continues to educate herself on desired destinations for her current and future clients, including Peru, Patagonia, South Africa, the Caribbean and more. Given her age, she also loves creating once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons!